With an anticipated uptick in travel to Ketchikan via cruise ship and independent traveler for the 2022 season, now is the time to get an Alaskan fishing adventure booked with us. With cancelations and re-bookings from the previous two years, many fishing tour operators including ourselves are seeing the calendar fill up sooner than anticipated. So even if you’re planning other excursions aside from Ketchikan fishing, don’t wait until the last minute.

One of our most popular Ketchikan fishing options is our Alaska Fishing Combo Charter. You can choose from a 6 and 8 hour timeframes. This charter provides our clients with a taste of both salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. Whether you are an experienced angler, or this is the first time on the ocean, the combo charter is perfect for the whole family. All the gear and proper instructions are provided. On the Alaska Fishing Combo trip we’ll focus on both bottom fishing for halibut and trolling for salmon. Each species will have a different approach and we’ll teach you the different techniques used to pursue them. We can focus on the hottest bite and if we reach our limit or when time permits we can switch over.

Another option that is very popular is our Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Charter. You can choose from a 4 and 6 hour timeframe. This is a great option for clients who can’t spend all day on the water or have a shorter timeframe to work with. June through September provides excellent Ketchikan salmon fishing in close proximity to town. Cruise clients as well as in town guest can have their hooks in the water as soon as 15 minutes from leaving the harbor. This is a great way to take in Ketchikan and still have time to see and do other things. We’ll be trolling with down-riggers while Ketchikan salmon fishing. Your guide will use different presentations, at different depths, to locate schools of migrating salmon.

A bucket list item that is very often pursued while visiting Ketchikan is Halibut fishing Alaska. What a better thing to do than pursue the largest member of the flounder family. The Pacific Halibut can grow to over 400 pounds. While its not everyday we catch them over 100lbs, most locals will tell you the smaller ones are the best eating. We offer our Ketchikan Halibut fishing charter in both 5 and 6 hour options. This gives us time to run 45-55 minutes from town to reach our productive fishing grounds. Generally we’ll anchor up over structure or drift using artificial and cut baits just off the bottom.

On the day of your arrival our fishing guide will meet you holding a blue “The Alaska Catch” sign at a predetermined location. Our boats are generally less than a 5 minute walk from all the downtown cruise ships and convenient to find for our in town guest as well. Make sure when booking you give us the phone number that you will have on you the day of the trip. This will help if there is a large crowd at the dock. Purchasing fishing licenses in advance at Alaska.gov will also add more fishing time to your day. Make sure you print them out and have them on you. Fish processing is available after the trip. We’ll deliver your catch at a local processor so you can either overnight ship home or check as luggage on your plane if staying in town.

We look forward to hearing from you. We know as well as anyone that you have many options when Fishing in Alaska. Let our experienced team get you set up for success. Whether arriving by cruise or fishing multiple days in town, we know the challenges of putting the perfect trip together for your friends and family. Let us make it easy for you. If you’re ready to book or have any questions, you can reach us by phone, email, text, or send a reservation request. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.


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