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Halibut Fishing Charter

Experience the Thrill of the Catch

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5hr - 24' Boat Starting price
6hr - 24' Boat Starting price
5hr - 32' Boat Starting price
6hr - 32" Boat Starting price

Embark on an Unforgettable Halibut Fishing Trip in Ketchikan, Alaska!

It’s no wonder halibut fishing in Alaska is on every anglers bucket list. What makes it better are the relatively calm and protected waters surrounding Ketchikan. This is often overlooked when choosing an Alaskan fishing destination. Pacific Halibut are know for their world class table fare and halibut fishing in Ketchikan is excellent May through September.

About this Charter

  • Relatively calm and protected waters surrounding Ketchikan that make this excursion perfect for families of all ages. Halibut fishing is excellent May through September and will require a 5-6 hour timeframe to get you to the most productive fishing grounds.
  • While bottom fishing for Halibut you also have the chance of catching rockfish, Pacific cod, ling cod, along with various nontarget species. Each client holds their own rod and we vertical jig over sandy flats, humps, and drop-offs. We often anchor up on a productive location or drift over a targeted area.