Whether it’s your first time fishing or you’ve been on the high seas for years, we offer memorable Alaska fishing charters. And since we pride ourselves on personalizing your experience, we know that regardless of what you choose, you’ll be talking about your trip for years!

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing

This is a great experience for groups and families of all skill levels looking to try their hand at catching wild Alaskan salmon. During the peak of the Ketchikan fishing season large schools of salmon migrate through the waters surrounding us. This provides exceptional fishing in calm waters close to town with little travel time to the salmon fishing grounds. An experienced guide will maximize your efforts and you’ll have your lines in the water before most people finish their first cup of coffee.

While salmon fishing in Ketchikan we focus on trolling utilizing down-riggers. This is the most effective and efficient way to catch salmon in our area. We generally run no more than four rods while trolling. When the bite is hot its hard to keep two lines in the water! The reason this method is so effective is that we cover a lot of ground, fish multiple depths, use different presentations, and locate schools of salmon in a timely manner. Not only will you be salmon fishing on this trip, but you’ll take in the sights and wildlife often only viewable by water. This trip is suitable for all ages.

Halibut Fishing Alaska

When families plan an Alaskan fishing adventure two words come to mind: Halibut Fishing! It’s no wonder halibut fishing in Alaska is on every anglers bucket list. What makes it better are the relatively calm and protected waters surrounding Ketchikan. This is often overlooked when choosing an Alaskan fishing destination. Pacific Halibut are know for their world class table fare and halibut fishing in Ketchikan is excellent May through September.

While targeting halibut with us you’ll be bottom fishing. Whether drifting over sandy flats or anchoring over structure, you’ll be jigging in waters as deep as 350 feet. We generally jig using J hooks with artificial presentations as well as circle hooks and cut bait. Your guide will show you the proper techniques and help you land these beast like a pro. The average size caught halibut fishing near Ketchikan on our Alaska fishing charters is between 15 and 40lbs. Although it is not uncommon to hook into a 100 plus pounder!

Combination Fishing Charters

Combination fishing packages are perfect for cruisers who stay longer in port and the most popular choice for our overnight guests. You’ll experience both salmon and halibut fishing on this Ketchikan fishing adventure. Your guide will utilize the most productive techniques of trolling, mooching, and jigging as fishing conditions change throughout the season. The combination excursion truly gives you the opportunity to effectively focus on multiple species.

The 6 Hour Combo fishing charter is popular for cruise clients looking to experience both salmon and halibut fishing. We generally start the day focusing on halibut fishing. When time or possession limit is met we switch over and focus on salmon fishing. Weather, fishing patterns, and tide conditions can play a factor in choosing the targeted species. Tell us about your interest and we will create a custom combination charter for you.

On the 8 hour Combo Alaska fishing charter we cater exclusively to clients staying overnight in Ketchikan. This is truly the ultimate Alaskan fishing adventure. This package allows for longer travel and fishing times at locations with very little pressure. This is the preferred option for our multi day guest looking to maximize their salmon and halibut fishing Alaska potential. Additional time may be added to this trip for an additional cost and is required to add a crabbing option.

For our clients who would like to add the crabbing option please let us know in advance. We can then have the crab pots and bait needed on board. On the way to the fishing grounds we can drop the pots and pull them up at the end of the trip or the following day.