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Fish Processing

If you decide to ship your fish home, you have options!

You can have all or just a few fish processed. If you decide not to process your entire catch after it is caught, you can donate it at the processor to the Pioneer Heights Senior Assisted Living account. A transfer of possession form is all that is needed to have this done and we have them on board.

We will also have the fish processing forms onboard and will go over all of the details with you at the end of the trip. Your guide will facilitate the delivery of your catch to the processor at the end of the trip. (We generally drop you off before we go to the processor as it gives you more fishing time and guarantees you back to your ship on time.)

Fish processing is done by a 3rd┬áparty company called Gateway Seafood and Smokehouse. The processing charge is based on filleted weight. Processing includes the filleting, vac sealing, and freezing of the catch. Additionally, a fish box and the Fed Ex overnight shipping rates will be applied to determine total cost. They ship out Monday through Thursday and you will receive your catch the following day of your ship out date. They have a walk-in freezer and will hold your fish box until the ship out day of your choosing. It’s hard to give an exact estimate on total cost as its determined by weight and works on a sliding scale. Processing, a fish box, and overnight shipping rates will determine the final cost.

On the fillet to weight ratio, you retain about 40% on halibut, 50% on salmon, and 15-20% on rockfish and cod. Last season the processing charge was $2.75/lb. to process “fresh” fillets, and $4.75/lb. if you have salmon “smoked.” (Fish box and shipping rates also apply.)

Our clients always want to know the cost on the processing and it’s hard to give exact amounts. The processing and fish box cost are reasonable, it’s the Fed Ex overnight shipping that’s the main cost. If your group lives close to each other, we always recommend only filling 1 form out and only paying for shipping once vs dividing the catch into separate orders. For our in-town clients, we recommend checking your fish boxes on your flight to avoid overnight shipping rates.


If you still have questions, you’re always welcome to contact us!