What is a Private Charter?

Over the years many potential clients when researching a Salmon or Halibut fishing charter in Ketchikan, Alaska ask me the question: What is a Private Charter? Understanding the difference between a Private Charter and a Shared Charter really holds the answer. I would like to take a moment and discuss the two options and why…
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Why Book With Us?

Top Five Reasons To Book your Alaska Fishing Charters with The Alaska Catch We understand your time in port and on vacation is precious. There can be so many options when it comes to booking an Alaska fishing adventure. Here are 5 reasons to make a Ketchikan Fishing Charter with The Alaska Catch part of…
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Ketchikan Fishing Charters in May

This is always a very exciting time of the year in Ketchikan as it kicks off the beginning of the Sportfishing season. Our guides are chomping at the bit to get on the water and scout their favorite locations before the first cruise ships arrive.   The month of May can test an anglers patience…
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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Alaska Fishing Trip

Whether you’re a lifetime angler with the trophies to prove it, or a first-timer hoping to experience the thrill of the catch, the best way to ensure a great experience is to be prepared. Nothing is worse than being on the open water and realizing you’ve forgotten something, or you’re shivering in the cold, or…
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