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Top Five Reasons To Book your Alaska Fishing Charters with The Alaska Catch

We understand your time in port and on vacation is precious. There can be so many options when it comes to booking an Alaska fishing adventure. Here are 5 reasons to make a Ketchikan Fishing Charter with The Alaska Catch part of your Alaskan experience.

1. You're Fishing in Alaska!

If Halibut fishing Alaska or landing your first wild Salmon is on your bucket list then look no further. Our private and personalized charters are geared towards your interest and allow you to get just what you're looking for. Ketchikan is the ideal place to take your family fishing as it is protected by various islands along the Inside Passage. We do not fish on the open ocean and unlike other ports we do not experience large ocean swells. Many days you feel like you're fishing on an inland lake. You'll also enjoy all kinds of wildlife and wonderful views along the way that can only be experienced while fishing Ketchikan with us.

2. Private Charter

There can be over 12,000 visitors arriving in Ketchikan on a given day. With over 3,000 on some ships alone. On an Alaskan fishing charter with us, you'll be fishing with your family and friends and no one else. We do not add clients to your group. This allows are guides to focus on your interest and keep the trip personal. You also have more control over the fishing options, start time, and decisions made throughout the day. It also avoids situations that come with sharing a charter with other clients. This almost deserves its own blog, but picture being prepared, on time, and ready to fish. Then you end up waiting on another guest who not only shows up late but forgot his lucky rabbits foot on the cruise ship. 30 minutes later after already being late he's back and you are not happy! This is only one example of what actually happened on a shared charter. I could write a book on potential problems with a shared charter. Book Private. After all its not everyday your halibut fishing Alaska and you'll be glad that all the fish caught on the boat will be going home in your fish box!

3. Support Local Business and Save Money

When it comes to booking a fishing charter while on an Alaskan cruise you really have two options. Booking through your cruise ship or booking an independent company. The Alaska Catch is an independent company and not affiliated or contracted with any cruise line. This not only allows us to offer our excursions at up to a 33% lower rate, but the sales tax collected is reinvested back into our community. The standard markup on tours sold on a cruise line is 33% higher as it takes a very large cut. And since all the excursions sold on board a cruise are technically outside of the state and subcontracted out that sales tax is never collected and therefor never redistributed into Alaskan communities.

4. Perfect for all Skill Levels

Whether its your first time deep sea fishing Alaska or you've been an angler your whole life, we have the perfect guide to suite your needs. This is ideal for our guest as we aim to teach you the techniques we're using all the while helping you as much or as little as needed. Not all clients are the same and we realize that. We take a personal approach with each group and make sure we educate, engage, and instruct as much as each group would like. This really allows guest to relax and not feel they have a drill instructor as a Captain! After all we not only want to put you on the fish, but want you to have fun and make memories along the way. No old salty dogs here!

5. We are Passionate about what we do.

The Alaska Catch was started by our lead guide, Captain Mike Fleece. Mike began guiding in Ketchikan for other companies more than 13 years ago. Over the years he learned what he liked and what he did not like. From not only how other guides handled their clients and fishing styles, but how other business owners handled their business. With this experience and insight it allowed Mike to create a model that has made The Alaska Catch what it is today. "It really starts with customer service. Treating our guest like family and having a passion for showing them the beauty of Southeast Alaska is paramount. I approach each day with our guest like I have extended family in town. I want to show them the best fishing experience based on the time of year, weather conditions, tides, fishing patterns, and time frame. By taking all the variables into consideration and realizing we only have one shot to meet and exceed your expectations it creates a lot of pressure. But when you have experienced and knowledgeable guides, capable of rising to the occasion time and time again, we make it look easy and it becomes second nature." The Alaska Catch looks forward to the opportunity of guiding your family on what we know can be a once in a lifetime Alaskan fishing adventure.

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