What is a Private Charter?

Over the years many potential clients when researching a Salmon or Halibut fishing charter in Ketchikan, Alaska ask me the question: What is a Private Charter? Understanding the difference between a Private Charter and a Shared Charter really holds the answer. I would like to take a moment and discuss the two options and why they are important to our clients when booking a fishing charter.

For many of our clients, fishing in Alaska is a once in a lifetime opportunity or a bucket list experience. I've heard it time and time again that the fishing charter booked with The Alaska Catch was the highlight of their cruise or vacation. Unless you're familiar with the Sport fishing industry the average consumer may not know the difference or see the flexibility and value in a Private Charter when shopping different fishing charter operators.

At The Alaska Catch we sell only Private Charter's, sold to a dedicated party with no other clients added to the trip. Here are a few reasons why I feel clients should book a Private Fishing Charter with us over a Shared Charter:

  1. You have more options. It's very hard to get 2, 3, or 4 parties on a Shared Charter to agree on one thing, let alone deciding which specie is the most important to them. Therefor many Shared Charters focus on only one specie. With our Private Charter we have much more flexibility as we're focused on one groups interest. If its a salmon and halibut combo, crabbing and wildlife viewing, or lingcod and rockfishing, we can make it happen. And the best part is no one feels left out as we can easily accommodate a single party's interest.
  2. You control the trip. If you limit out on a certain species and want to head back into town to brag over a pint at the bar or go shopping along Creek Street, you can. If you want to switch over and focus on another specie and maximize your fishing opportunities, you can do this as well.  No one on the boat makes the decision but you. 
  3. More time spent fishing. No one likes waiting on someone else. Especially when it comes to fishing. Picture your family of four prepared, early, on time, and ready to head down to the boat. Then your guide tells you we have to wait on another couple who forgot their fishing licenses in their room. You must wait for them to go on and come back off the ship. Or even better, your guide gets the call "we just ordered breakfast we'll be down in 40 minutes." You get the picture. On a Private Charter you're not waiting on other clients period. 
  4. No unexpected situations. Lets say you booked a Shared Charter and some one in the other party starts getting sea sick. O boy. What is a guide to do? Keep fishing while someone is green and curled up in the fetal position. Or take them back to the dock and have others lose precious fishing time. With a Private Charter this is less of an issue. You know your family and their capacities better than anyone. If you you have a family member susceptible to sea sickness, let our guide know in advance and we can make sure we fish in calm waters. 
  5. Customized Experience. When our clients reach out and tell us about their personal interest, we get to design a trip around just that. This ensures our clients get just what they are looking for.  And since every group's interest and expectations are different, the Private Charter allows our guide to focus on and deliver. We want your experience with The Alaska Catch to be as great as it can be and that is what our Private Charter is all about.


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