Alaska Fishing Charter Options

We get a lot of questions from our guest about which Alaskan fishing adventure is the right one for them? Of course there really is no wrong anwser, as each one can be equally memorable and exciting! I do think that as the Ketchikan fishing patterns change along with our clients timeframe and interest, there is an obligation from us to ensure you're set up for a successful day.

Every Alaska deep sea fishing charter is different just like everyones interest in general. To help determine the best fit on your next trip with The Alaska Catch lets look a list of things to consider that will help you choose your trip.

  1. Timeframe. "How much time do you have in town?"

This helps us know which options are available as each one has a different location and amount of travel time involved. We offer 4, 5, 6, and 8 hour Ketchikan fishing charters. If halibut fishing Alaska is on your bucket list, you'll need at least 5 hours. If a combo salmon and halibut fishing charter is the ticket, you'll need 6 or 8 hours. If you want the best Ketchikan salmon fishing charter, a 4 hour slot will get you chasing tails. All of our trip times are dock to dock. If addition time is requested it may be subject to availability for an additional cost.

2. Taste. "Whats your favorite Alaska fish to eat?"

Almost every client we take out has their catch processed by our local fish processor and overnight shipped home via FedEx. We'll facilitate delivery of your catch to them after the trip. Sometimes the targeted species of the day is determined by our clients palate. Some folks only enjoy eating and fishing for halibut in Ketchikan, while others prefer a wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Again, for me, there is no wrong answer! But I prefer a fresh one...

3. Technique. "I've never gone halibut or salmon fishing, can a beginner do this?"

Absolutely! -Our guides will have you fishing like a pro and dialed in no time at all. Many Alaska fishing charters use different techniques to target the selected species. Generally speaking we usually are jigging while halibut fishing Alaska and trolling while salmon fishing in Ketchikan. Many clients prefer jigging or mooching with rod in hand and feeling the bite as it occurs and others utilize the rod holder. Trolling on the other hand is hands free. Until it isn't! Trolling allows us to fish at different depths simultaneously while covering water. This is very effective in Ketchikan Alaska fishing for salmon.

4. Season. "So what's in season and how's the bite?"

Each species we target on our Kethcikan fishing charters has a season. The ADF&G set these each year and has the ability to change them. Halibut fishing Alaska is open May through September and the bite is excellent as long as the weather cooperates. King salmon fishing in Ketchikan opens on June 1 and is optimal through mid July. Silver salmon, Chum salmon, and Pink salmon show up in July and provide July, August, and September with a lot of action. Ling Cod season opens up May 16 and seems to always heat up along with the water temperature.

5. Customizable. "Can we go crabbing, wildlife viewing, or visit the Misty Fjords?"

In short yes! However, advanced notice and timeframes do play a factor. Many clients that are staying in town for multiple days often customize their Alaska fishing charter. When time is not an issue crabbing is a great option, especially on multi day trips. Wildlife viewing opportunities are usually happening all around us on every trip. If particular wildlife are sought after then a designated wildlife viewing excursion would target specific locations. If a trip to the Misty Fjords, that is only visible by boat or plane is on your list, a day trip to see our crown jewel can be a wonderful part of your Alaska fishing adventure!

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