photo-jul-27-9-20-01-pmOne of the best parts of owning a charter fishing boat is that we get to be flexible in creating a very personalized experience for each of our guests.

Ketchikan, Alaska is the Salmon capitol of the world which attracts fishermen of all levels of experience. And some with no experience at all! Which is why, at The Alaska Catch, we want to connect with you directly during the reservation process and find out just what we can do to make this experience everything you hope for.

When you contact us for reservations we’ll check our calendar for availability and find out just where you’re coming into Ketchikan from. If you’re cruising in on one of the many cruise ships that port here, we’ll arrange to pick you up so you have no worries about taxis, busses, or extra expense.

Salmon fishing or Halibut fishing or both are options you have, so we’ll want to talk you through it.

We can’t wait to meet you and take you on the most amazing fishing excursion ever!

*Filling out this form does not confirm reservation. A team member will follow up with you upon form completion.